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Anonymous asked 3 months ago

Aslam alaykum I am living with my inlaws and every time I find iwhen my husband and I go out that his parents go into our bedroom and go through our belongings, I notice things are not in same place as I left them when I once asked my mother in law if anyone went into the bedroom she got very upset snd said no what there is something missing. Snd because they speak Arabic which I don’t speak she started saying stuff in Arabic I couldn’t understand what she was saying . This isn’t the first time I noticed someone had gone into my bedroom and gone through my belongings it’s happened many times.  I have spoken to my husband about this numerous times that I don’t like someone going through my stuff they even open my mail and if I order something they will try open it to see what’s in it or will give it to me and ask what I ordered and stand there waiting for me to open it so they can see, this is too much invading my space and privacy. I told my husband I can’t live like this and we need to rent a place we had an apartment but his father put pressure on my husband to sell it and  because his father did line of credit because my husband couldn’t get mortgage and I was new to country had no credit score so couldn’t get mortgage  but I put down the down payment we were living in the condo for 2.5 years the first year I was the one working paying the mortgage bills paying my husband didn’t want to work, because we got the mortgage by line of credit in his father’s name when we sold the property his father didn’t give us our money from the condo sale he kept all the sale money in his bank account  but when I told my husband that, that is our money snd I paid for the down payment and was paying mortgage for the first year so it’s my money too and that we need our money and that he needs to ask his father to give us our money but he is reluctant to ask  his father I don’t know why he will not ask his father for our money,  please advise on this matter also.  JazakAllah Khair        please advise me what I should do