QuestionsCategory: Money MattersIs grant received halal?
Abdullah asked 3 months ago

During his university days, a friend of mine was awarded funds from an internship grant from his university abroad. The grant had stipulated that, wherever the student joins for internship needs to be unpaid. No compensation (eg meal allowance/transport) should be taken.
Although my friend joined an unpaid internship (where no remuneration was given), the work entailed travelling to remote locations. While the organisation knew it’s an unpaid internship, and they clearly stated in the offer letter that no compensation will be paid, the organisation paid for his travel and accommodation only for the days during the stays in the remote locations. For the days he was workin in the head office, he did not receive any allowance/compensation.
My friend however did not mention this information in this application for grant. The internship offer letter (issued by the employer) was also submitted as proof to the university which stated that no remuneration was given. 
My question is that is the grant received halal for him?