QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsIs it halal to visit relatives or accept there invitations on different occassio s
Yasin asked 3 years ago

In our country, very few muslim women wear hijab… Even if some wear, many wear it incompletely and solely as a means of fashion, thus they also try to decorate themselves that way. Anywhere you go, this is the scene.
Now, i have female relatives, mahram and non-mahram. For example, i have a maternal uncle, and his wife is a mahram for me. But his daughter, my cousin is a non-mahram. For maintaining ties of relationship we sometimes visit their home, and sometimes they invite us on different occasions, and sometimes we invite them, and sometimes they visit us on their own, and you know, there is also some familial and social pressure binding us to accept these invitations. Same is the case with many other relatives. In some cases, daughter of a relative is a non-mahram, in some cases wife of a relative is a non-mahram… Wherever i go, this is the case. And the same (just difference in the genders) is the case with my sister and mother. Wherever they go, there are mahrams and non-mahrams.
What am i supposed to do in case of these invitations? Is halal to go? Up to what extent is it halal? I mean, when there are non-mahrams walking or sitting in the same house, can i go to these invitations while most of the persons present are mahram, and i try my best not to look at the non-mahrams and i do not talk with them except about any necessary thing? If it is haram, then it would be kind of haram for me to visit any relative? Maybe Allah did not make it that hard? Or did He?
Please clarify and elaborate….