QuestionsCategory: Money MattersIs it okay for me to keep working in my job?
Muriza Alic asked 2 years ago

My current job is working for a bank that has many different sections including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and auto loans. My previous role was as a phone agent handling credit card inquiries (taking payments, going through transactions, asking customer questions about there account) My NEW position is working in a small group (12 or so people) and we receive requests to conduct focus groups with associates to see how new initiatives are going (example: if we partner with a company like Amazon, we like to check with our associates to get feedback on how customers are handling the partnership.) We also update the content that our associates use (example: If a phone agent gets a call from a customer to make a payment,and our process on taking payments has changed, we update the content that agents use to make sure its correct and that agents are following the correct process). We also listen to calls and make sure that the associates are saying the right things to customers. Since my role is not writing contracts, or promoting interest loans is my job okay for me to work? My manager is muslim, and he allows me to leave work early so that I am able to pray Zuhr and then on Fridays I am able to work from home so that I can make all of my prayers on time. I would just like clarification on whether I can keep this role (since it allows me so much flexibility to practice my religion) The bank itself does charge interest, but it also gives customers cash back earnings, and it receives its profit from different ways as well. Also, the other jobs around me include insurance companies, haram restaurants, or other banks. Please help me.