QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsIs mocking pork kufr?
Anonymous asked 1 year ago

Is making fun of pork Kufr?

As salamu alaikum,
I know that these kind of “jokes” have a low level, but I made some jokes about pork and I am now afraid that I might have done Kufr.
1: When I ordered pizza via mobile phone and came back to my friend, he asked ‘Were you able to order it?’. I found this question unnecessary because what could be so difficult in ordering pizza? So I ironically answered ‘Nah bro, I accidentally ordered pork.’ to point out that his question was needless because if so, we couldn’t have eaten our pizza.
2: My brother and I have a very close relationship, we are like best friends and sometimes talk a lot of rubbish. So when he asked my mother if she can make him food I told her (in front of my brother):’Just make him pork.’
Sometimes I am super ironically which I need to change to become a better Muslim. But my question is: Did I become a Kafir because of these two jokes?
To my mind, in both cases, I mocked my friend and my brother, not our religion, which is still a sin I should repent.

Independently of the answer of the first question: What does somebody, who did Kufr, have to do to become a Muslim again and will his good deeds ‘come back’ if he goes back to the right path?