QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsIs obeying my mother wrong ?
Khaty asked 2 years ago

Asslam aliqum, I’m 20 years old, used to talk with a nice Muslim guy a while ago,  who had serious intentions with me- wanted us to get married, have kids and raise a family of our own. He was a lovely religious guy, had a strong faith.  came from a nice family, well educated. Everything I can wish for. My mom didn’t like him because of the age gap between us, he was ten years older then me. So she made me stop talking to him, we texted a little bit over a year, and I stoped it because I felt my mom was preventing me to continue it further. I didn’t want to hurt him, nor his feelings so we cut ties. We aren’t speaking anymore, more the three months. I don’t know why but she thinks we do- she said some really hurtful things about him, about him taking religion to seriously, I got angry and told her that religion isn’t something to make fun of, and again her suspects got the best of her, and she has hit me, It hurted , so a cried, and tried to explain to her, that she needs to take religion more seriously, to start praying more. She started hitting me, so to protect myself I pushed her away, she got more angry and started to punch me in the back. I tried pushing her multiple times be she didn’t stop, and I hit her arm in order for her to stop, but she didn’t anyway. I feel bad that it had gotten to the level of me hurting my mom. What am I doing wrong ? Why can’t she accept the fact that making fun of people is wrong ? Making fun of religious people, she is not perfect nor am I. She wants me to get married to someone who’s hobbie is to drink all the night with his friends be with girls and go clubbing. She doesn’t want a religious guy. Was I right to cut ties with him ? Someone as nice as he, I want someone to look at and say yes he will be a great example to my kids, he will teach them the values of life, he will teach them the Quran, how to pray. I haven’t once talked to a guy like that except him. Am I stupid that I had let him go ? What Dua can I say in order to help me pass this diffucle time, to see some clearity?