QuestionsCategory: Quran & HadithIs the Quran same for 1400 years? With scientific proof
Ishmam asked 3 years ago

However, I suggest we discuss one item at a time as many of these topics
are very broad.  I wish to concentrate on the validity of your statement
that you have the same Qur’an for 1400 years.  We can turn to the other
topics later but let’s establish authority.  If your Qur’an is faulty, then
you have do not have authority for your faith.  You stated you have the
same scripture for 1400 years.  I believe that to be a faulty statement and
the facts will bear this out.

According to your scholars, Scholars of Islam have point to the Topkapi in
Istanbul and the Sarmaqand in Uzbekistan as being the two remaining
original copies of Uthman.  My question to you is how can they date back to
Uthman if they were written in Kufic script (developed in Persia during the
Abbasid period.  Also, the diacritical marks were not developed until about
100 years after Muhammad.  Whereas the Topkapi and Sarmaqand have the
diacritical marks for the Arabic vowels, these Qur’ans could not possibly
be the Originals.

So my question is two fold.
1.  If they Topkapi and Sarmaqand are the Originals, how do you explain
that they were written in Persia 100 years later.
2.  If these are not the Originals, then where are they?