QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceIs wife allowed to leave her husband if he is not capable of having sex because of huge age difference?
Syed Zafar asked 3 months ago

Asslam alaimkum wr wb!
I have a very personal question related to a second marriage of a women who is not happy and satisfied with her husband in her sex life.
One of my friends, who is very tense about his parents because of the clashes between them, creates an unpleasant environment at their home. His father is 65 years old and his mother is 45, they have got five children (2 girls and 3 boys) all are above 20 years. Now the husband and wife both live together with their children. Husband is very caring and responsible for his family and the wife is also very loving and caring for her family, they both are equally doing their best for their family.
Husband has spent more time in the gulf staying alone due to his job and wife and kids used to live in India, but he used to call his wife to stay with him in the gulf for some time. Wife always wanted to stay with her husband but due to the financial condition he could not afford to bring his family to the gulf, in result they had to stay in India.
However the husband retired from his job 3 years back and he came back to India to live with his family. Since then the clashes and arguments have started between husband and wife. Now the wife always says to her husband that he did not give happiness to her in her whole life, the problem has become worse when she is saying that you are not capable of making me happy during physical intimacy. As there is huge age difference between husband and wife, now husband is not capable of having sex with her. She is still young and having feelings for physical need.
Moreover now, she is saying to her husband that she doesn’t want to stay with him anymore and she needs a divorce from him. Their kids tried a lot to tackle the situation and explained to them that, we live in a society where people will raise fingers on our family if you get separated in this age. But the wife doesn’t want to listen to anything, she is in complete denial mode, instead she is saying to their kids that you will understand my situation. In fact she said that if husband is not capable of having sex with her life partner then she/he can get separated.
So, here wife do respect her husband and husband also lover her very much, the problem in between both of them is husband is not capable of having sex with her wife because of huge age difference.
My question on behalf of my friend is, in this situation what Islam says in the light and guidance of Quran and Sunnah, what their parent should do? Should she get separated from her husband? Or she should control her sex desire and live with him?
Your quick and detailed answer would be highly appreciated, may Allah guide all of us and show us the right path.