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Erin Keefer asked 5 years ago

Please know I intend no disrespect in asking this question. I have read the Quran, in English translation, for I do not read or speak Arabic. I understand that a translation cannot fully convey the complete meaning of the words being translated. I am not a Muslim, however, I seek knowledge and understanding in many ways, and from many sources. When I read the Quran I found much that was beautiful, intelligent, and enlightening. There were things that I understood, and things that I did not understand, and some things that I found to be common in other religions. I have also read several biographies of Mohammed, some contemporary and some more recent (again, translated into English from the Arabic, or written in English.) I have been studying Islam to better understand. I have also been studying Arab and Islamic history, and the history of the different peoples who follow the Muslim faith, for better understanding.
Often I find things in books of fiction, in poetry, in movies and plays, or in other forms of artistic expression that lead to questions about larger issues in religion and faith. I recently watched a movie called Star Wars Rogue One. There are many religious overtones in Star Wars movies – some that could be considered Judeo-Christian, some Buddhist and some that I think are Islamic. There are also some Arabic references: For example, a character in one of the movies is named Akbar, which I understand means “Great” in Arabic. In the movie I watched recently, a character, a spiritual monk, says these words:
“I am with the Force, and the Force is with me, and I fear nothing, for all is as the Force wills it.”
This statement reminded me of something I had read in the Quran, if you substitute God for “the Force”. Is there anything in the Quran that sounds like this? I understand this is a common idea throughout Islam and in the Quran, the idea that “all is as God wills it,” but I was wondering if you could point me to a specific surah that deals with this idea, that uses this language that, “I am with God, and God is with me, and I fear nothing, for all is as God wills it.”
I am interested in the idea that faith can dispel fear. And that people with pure faith, like Mohammed, fear nothing.
Thank you for offering this “Ask Imam” service. I hope that this question is not too general, and that you understand I mean no disrespect in asking it, even though Star Wars may seem like a frivolous source for religious expectation. Peace be upon you.