Misbah malik asked 4 months ago

As.salam walakum 
I am mother of 3 kids .my eldest one is 10 yrs old studing in grade 5.she was looking so upset today and told me she is bisexual and crying soo  much.i didn’t react soo much try to make her comfortable and told  her .she can share with me everything. I already teaching  her  about Islam  last 3, 4 years. She knows what is haram and halal in islamic way.i don’t know how to guide her .what steps should I do to change her thinking ? Please guide me about this matter. Thank you JAZAKALLAH KHAIR.

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ISCC Staff answered 4 months ago

Wa Alykum Assalam,
 This is unfortunately taking place in our schools.  She is only 10 years old. She has not reached the age of adolescence.  How she knows she is bisexual unless somebody puts in her head.  Please handle it carefully. Do not be hard on her. Handle this politely and with wisdom. Involve her with in mosque activities. Bring her in religious gathering. Make sure she shares every thing; good or bad with you. May Allah guide her. Ameen.