Moe asked 9 months ago

Salam. I have a sister who is 31 she has done many things to hurt me and my family. When she would come over my house she would steal things. She is also a bad example to my kids as she is always swearing and using bad language. She takes prescription medicine that she has over doses on in the past. We have helped her gave her money and send her to rehab. She is now in a haram relationship with a guy that she is not married to while still married to a different guy that she is divorcing. She leaves her son who is only 2 for my mother to take care of. I have tried to help her in the past, but stopped a while ago because she always lies and doesn’t get any better. I gave her many chances but she always goes back and does the same things, my parents keep supporting her but I feel like they enable her and I believe that is why she is the way she is. She brings shame and problems to the family all the time. Me and my other sister stopped enter acting with her because it became very stressful to deal with her. When I see her I give her my Salam and if she talks to me I talk to her but that’s about it. Am I doing the right thing, I know about up holding our kinship, but when it becomes unbearable and starts affecting me emotionally and gets me depressed and when I see what she keeps doing to my parents and what she puts them through. What can I do? What is the best way to deal with this situation?