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Mo Islam asked 4 months ago

Can I learn programming by a company that develops loan programms for banks? I only learn how to develop programms but my programms wont be used for real loans. I was trained by them for 1 year so far and there are 2 more years before they want me to work as a full time programmer that develops the actual loan programms. Before I accepted this job, I was a cultural muslim that only knew about the basic sins (like zina, alcohol, gambling etc.). But I genuinely didnt know that riba is such a big thing in Islam. I cant sleep well and I got depressions since I found out I work for such company.
If quit this job now I have to wait 1 more year to get a new job cause the deadlines for new Apprentice ships are already finished.I actually planned to marry after I am finished with the programming training.If I quit I wait 1 more year and learn 3 more years to programm. When that happens I am 26 or 27 when I want to marry. Thats too late for me.
And the fitna here in Germany is way too big. I dont want to fall for zina as well when I wait too long for marriage.
So should I quit now or should I quit when I am done with the programming training.