Jikori asked 4 months ago

Salam alaykum,
Im a female who suffers from a problem.
A few years ago, my lips have had white spots on it which made my lipline disappear. But it wasn’t too drastic.
But now I’ve noticed my upper lip is completely gone with just a little bit left. Now my lower lip is also slowly disappearing.
I’ve made an appointment at the doctors for that because the problem could be deeper than it is. But as a female it affects my mental and physical health a lot. I don’t want to put any lip fillers or anything else, because I don’t want anything changed. But I would really love to restore something ive lost.
Which is make my lips like they used to.
I still don’t know what do to. But I’ve read that there’s something called lip tattoo which can fix your natural color without overdoing it. It’s not permanent, so it wil last 3/4 years.
But I’m having doubts.
The most important question is, is it permissible?
I would love to hear from you.