John John asked 2 years ago

This message is for to all Muslim women’s organizations in the world.
GOD, ALAH, as you say, allowed me to send you this message special to Muslim women.
GOD is ONE SINGLE, ALAH, HE is the same and SINGLE GOD.
GOD, ALAH, as you say, YAHWEH, the CREATOR of the universe and all that is, is alone good and just in all, and has not overlooked your ministry.
I do not belong to any religious cult. The message is from GOD’s will and is not from any religious organization; it is not from any religious cult; it is by the will of GOD.
I truly tell you that I do not speak in the name of people, but in the name of GOD. Rejoice for this, because GOD is alone good and just, merciful and wonderful in everything he does, and only HE has the power to save, because He gave life and only HE ONE can save. Everything is done at HIS will and with HIS power, HE is SINGLE GOD, our CREATOR.
Behold, because you show respect to your CREATOR, to GOD, HE wants to reward you for all this and to give you salvation.
It is wonderful, because you have remained strong and steadfast in your service to GOD.
It’s a wonderful thing. I was glad to be sent to you, though I am not of yours – but that does not matter, because we are all brothers and we are all the creation of GOD. GOD is just and merciful and does not forget those who respect his will and rewards all.
Send this message to all Islamic women’s organizations, so that all Islamic women can hear that GOD wants to give them salvation for their work and for their respect for GOD (ALAH, as you say).
I know certain things and I want to tell you that it is an extraordinary thing, because the reward of GOD is eternal and your spirits will enter the kingdom of heaven, if you truly believe and serve the faith of the GOD, ALAH, as you say in Islam.
What I tell you below does not change anything in your ministry, but I will bring the truth to you to know what is the truth and creation of GOD, ALAH.
GOD is ONLY CREATOR and ONLY MASTER over the heavens, over the earth and over hell. There is no one else to have power or to save. HE created everything and is the only one who must serve HIM.
It would be wonderful to believe, because it is for the salvation of your spirits, for salvation, forgiveness and mercy come only from GOD.
This is the truth that I know from GOD: GOD is ONE SINGLE, THE CREATOR of the universe all that is in , and HE manages over the heavens, over the earth and over hell; there is no other god, but he has power over all, and is GOD ; Jesus is the beginning of the creation of GOD; Jesus is our big brother, and he has received from GOD the greatest function to examine the purity of the spirits; Jesus confesses to GOD those who do the will of GOD; The Holy Spirit of GOD is like a bird of fire, and it is with GOD; GOD blesses everything he wants through the Holy Spirit of OR. All worship and ministry are only for GOD, the CREATOR of all that is.
In the hell the demons and Satan are kept as slaves; they are held as slaves and have no power; have been punished by GOD and kept eternally in hell; you must understand that GOD created all that is, and HE ruled over all and cast into hell those who are evil, there is also the demons and Satan. No one has power; no one does what he wants, but they all do the will of GOD; all do what GOD wants – read in the Bible the Book of Job, and you will understand that no one does what he wants, but only what GOD wants. You only have to fear GOD, because only HE gives life and only HE can punish.
The Spirit in man is wonderful and regardless of physical shortcomings (even if a man has no hands and feet) his spirit is whole. The spirits who serve and do the will of GOD are pure and white, and GOD puts them in heaven, and the spirits who do not serve GOD are black and GOD cast them into hell; when a man dies, the spirit of life comes out of the body and is wonderful.
Do all you can to reach and serve GOD, because HE is wonderful and forgiving those who seek to HIM and those who do HIS will.
There is no other way of saving the spirit, because all power is only of GOD and HE does what he wants with anyone.
Believe it! Believe me, because I’m telling you the truth. I want the good of your people. I do what I have got to do from GOD.
!!!!!!! These things you have to do:
– Study beyond what you know the Toara and the Bible and serve GOD according to what is mentioned in the commandments and laws of GOD;
– These things are pleasing to GOD: 1 Strong faith in GOD; 2 Many prayers to GOD; 3 Good works; 4 Mercy; 5 and work;
– Keep the commandments and laws of GOD as HE has given them;
– Keep the Sabbath day, for it is the fourth commandment of GOD;
– Thank GOD for all that HE will give;
– Do not give up when you are in difficult situations, but live with the hope of eternal life and trust in GOD, no matter what weighs come upon you;
– Discard all traditions and look for GOD in the depths of your spirit;
– Essential to salvation is forgiveness. You must forgive anyone who has done anything if you want to be forgiven by GOD. This is mentioned in prayer : Our FATHER, which is said to forgive any mistakes of all; So if you do not forgive those who are wrong with you, GOD will not forgive your mistakes; so you must forgive anyone who is wrong with you and then GOD will forgive your mistakes;
– Seek peace and understanding with all peoples of the world.
Riches do not help. Man has nothing here on earth. All are GOD’s. Those who begin to gather riches are those who lose their spirits.
If all mankind would work to keep the spirit of life, as it does to make a family and a home, it would be great – many would be saved if it were so, but people do not respect the gift of life received from GOD and thus lose it, because they live with intensity only for life in the flesh, disregarding the eternal life, the eternity of the ghost received from GOD. Put the price on your spirit, it is the gift received from GOD and obey GOD and thank HIM for the life that HE gave you.
All thanks and praise are only to GOD, because HE has done everything to HIM and He keeps them all by HIS great power forever and ever.
GOD bless you !
His wretched servant