IMuslim asked 1 month ago

I met a guy online. We both love each other. But I don’t trust him and I wouldn’t this way, unless my family investigates him. I did some immoral acts conversations etc. with him(Astaghfirullah) and I really regret it. He most probably is not interested in marrying me now(maybe in 5 years he had once said), he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I am maintaining my distance from him and just having a little normal conversation with him but I’m afraid that if I stay in contact with him, then these feelings will get stronger and I will get hurt at some point. Other than that I’m afraid that Allah is angry with me. I mean we are not to interact with non-Mehrams without any reason. What should I do? I might let it be as it is stay at a distance from him or I talk to him once that if he is interested he should approach me through Shariah means. If not, then end contact. As it is said that there’s nothing better than marriage for two lovers. How should I approach this matter?