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Raziya Anjum asked 2 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu !!
Dear Mr Soharwardy, 
I have an doubt on some of the topics like,
1. Mahr
2. Intercourse
1. Mahr:
I wanted to know if husband can not pay the mahr immediately in nikah whenever they pay, the same amount should be payable or as per the current scenario they have to pay ?  

Means, my husband have accepted to pay Rs. 7786/- till now he did not pay that amount. My doubt is the same amount he have to pay me or he have to pay more than that as per any current scenario.
2. Intercourse:
I want to know is there is any objection to have intercourse after a women get stopped her menstruation at the age of after 45 Year old.
Can we do intercourse after menstruation permanently get stopped  or we cannot?
If husbands insist to do in this situation also can we do intercourse or not?
Waiting for your response.
Allah Hafiz,