Fatimah Choudhry asked 2 months ago

Assalamu alaikum. I hope you are doing well. The reason I am sending in a response is because I’ve recently been looking into the use of make up. When looking into this, I found that some sheikhs say that it is strictly prohibited to wear out in public and should be limited to those that are mahrams. On the other hand, I also found some sheikhs that expressed that wearing minimal make up as a woman to look presentable is okay as long as it isn’t attractive and flashy. This includes covering blemishes, under eye, using a neutral lip stick etc. I’m not sure which of these two ideas is more correct and what I should do. I am a Muslim woman who wears hijab and when I go outside I do use some make up to cover my acne or under eye circles. However, I would like to know the extent to which I’m allowed to do this as I do not want to be doing something wrong. I am looking forward to your response and jazakallah khair.