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Hasnain Zia asked 5 months ago

I’m a Muslim from Pakistan. I’m in a few facebook groups where people share memes and almost all of them are Muslims. Sometimes, they post something like Islamic keyword and put a cartoon’s pic with it i.e they’ll post that ” a few minutes before iftaar” and put a picture of a tired cartoon character with it. I really don’t like that and i myself have never done that. I do make memes but don’t include anything Islamic. My question is that if i stay in such group and ignore such posts and never laugh on them because i personally dont like it and i think it comes in the category of mocking Islam. Will i become a kafir by doing it or it will its sin be only on the person who is posting them because one man is not responsible for someone else’s actions. Will i become a kafir by staying in that group? 

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ISCC Staff answered 5 months ago

Wa Alykum Assalam
Any place or group where Islam OR Islamic teachings are made fun should not be attended by any Muslim.  You can either educate them and ask them to refrain from such memes and stay there to do Da’wa work. If you cannot do that then leave those groups. May Allah guide. Ameen.