abdul asked 5 years ago

i got enagaged approx 1.5 years ago to my aunties daughter (mums sisters daughter) who is 19 and im 28. I was very happy getting engaged, i put everthing together and i thought marrying in the family will be the best option for a happy successfull marraige and happy family. all thoughout my enagagemnt i was talking to her over the phone and we got on really well and i had some sort of attraction towards her. We got married in march 2017 (3months ago) and on the wedding night i did not find her physically attractive at all. through out the last 3 months i have been always making excuses not to go near her. this has also affected my mood and other feelings and communication. i am no longer happy around her. she is a loverly girl we dont have arguments or fights. she is really young and sometimes i also i feel im alot mature and she is very immature and it doesnt feel like im married to a women and it feels like im married to a teenager. 
Im having real doubts about the future as its only been 3 months and if im feeling like this i dont want to be in a sitaution like this with kids and make it more complicated. The difficulty i have now is becuase the marraige is in the family i feel i have to make it work. 
Please can you advise