Yasmin asked 4 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum, There was a revert guy who is practicing Islam for 2 years now and wanted to marry me. He flew from one region to meet my me with my presence of my wali and parents to deliver his intention of marrying me. When my parents knew that he was a revert, because we are a born muslim, my father strongly disagreed and I have already chosen him as my husband to be because of his seriousness in Deen, they way he dressed and how everythinf he applies to his life islamically and even made his mother a muslim as well. Can you please give me advice what to do since my parents are so cultural with this and that and doesn\’t accept my ideas or preference of having a simple and yet blessed nikkah to the man I have chose but rather told me to get any born muslim man only? Jazakallahu khair. 

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ISCC Staff answered 3 years ago

Wa Alykum Assalam
Your parents should know when a person embraces Islam he or she are as Muslim or may be better Muslims than born Muslims. They should not be opposing the marriage just  because the man is revert. May Allah guide them