Sister Sal asked 1 year ago

Salaam Alaikum  I have questions regarding marriage and finances can you please tell me what Islam says regarding these:   my husband decieved me into the marriage he told my family that he does not and has never taken drugs when after getting married I found out he had drug addiction.  He also told us he is financially secure and can support me but after marriage I found out he was not financially secure and actually in debt He also told my family and me that if his ex wife says anything bad or his kids show disrespect towards me he will deal with it, but he let his ex swear at me everyday and his kids were 17 and 10 when We got married that was over 4 years ago when his boys came over they never showed any respect didn’t even say salaam to me but still I treated them like I would have treated my child. Due to the daily swearing and his ex wife invading my private space and her telling me that everything my husband and I have is her kids and that my husband will never support me nor if will he duly my child if I have childcwith him and her and her kids will always come first that daily stress ended up making me ill and it shut down my monthly cycle and I ended up getting overactive gland in my head and high level of prolactin in my blood the doctors asked if I had been through recent huge stress because a part of my body has shut down and my body is saying I’m pregnant when I’m not so they have to refer me to a specialist so they can treat me and get my body to function like normal and they told me there is a chance my overactive gland can turn into tumour  and if it grows they will have to remove it because it can weigh down my eye nerves and I could end up losing my eye sight. Hearing this news I went into feeling so sad that I got married to be happy and within space of few months his constant abuse from his ex and kids made be critically ill What does Islam say about my husband allowing his ex and kids to stress me out that Im left with having to see a specialist having regular MRI tests and blood test and taking medication and they don’t know if my body will ever get back to normal and that I may not have any children due to my condition. Which is very heart breaking for me because I love children and always wanted to become a mother when I get married.    So my main question is because  me and my family were deceived prior to marriage if my marriage comes to an end should he pay my father back the money my father paid for the wedding as he did not contribute at all in the wedding and had he been truthful me and my family would not have agreed to the marriage  JazakAllah khair