Selma asked 8 months ago

my question : everything is written and noted in lawh al mahfooz, that I know. But what I’m confused about is there are certain thin he that are destined by Allah, without any changes. I want to know if Allah has chosen our future spouse and no matter what happens we will end up with them. No matter what we do or what we not to. Because some scholars say “it is known to Allah whom you marry but it is your own will and choice who to Marry.” And others say “it is something destined by Allah and is safe. No matter what happens or what path we will take we will end up together as a couple. I confused about what matters are destined and safe and what are our choice and Allah knows them but let’s us decide. Why I ask is because I came to know someone and we settled a lot of things talked about our future (I’m content with his religion/he has pure intentions) but then there came some difficulties in his way as to that he stopped and broke things off because he thinks he’s not able to manage a marriage right now. So I Wonder is it that Allah has chosen my spouse no matter what and even if it seems impossible now because he cut it off, (because he does not want me to wait without knowing if he can manage all that with his issues in life) that he will still be my spouse and Allah guides us back together?