Anonymous asked 11 months ago

Salaam! I have been very distressed lately, for I sinned with a man. This man I wish to marry and I have told my parents about and he has told his parents about. We were in his car and he fingered me and touched me (while I was clothed). We have hung out sometimes and he kisses my cheek and hugs me but we didn’t want to ever go far. I told my parents we would not. He did not kiss me, but we did commit sin. I repented almost immediately after, but I am afraid that that was a sign that it was not true. I am unsure what to do because I wish to get married to him as soon as possible, but I am 18 and just started university. He also has. He would not be able to financially support me and that is important to my parents and education is important as well. I am unsure of what to do. I intend to not text him in a lovey-dovey sense again and I intend to not hang out with him privately again. I believe we can still get married but I want to do it soon. I do not know what to do. Our parents think we are young. I am so distraught. Please help. Jazzak Allah Khair.