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Aziz asked 3 years ago

Asalamualaikum,   Hope you\’re well.   I wanted to get some advice if possible…The wife of the husband has left home and returned to her parents house 3 months ago and has made very little contact with the husband. She has replied to one or two texts but has simply advised she will not be returning until she finds him completely changing. Her husband feels this is unreasonable. They have been married 11 months (with 3 of those in separation) and the wife simply returns to her parents when she feels like it e.g. a minor disagreement. As they live in different cities (about 3 hours away), this is a major reason for the wife not looking to return. She does not wish to be far away from her parents and family (but didn\’t seem to consider this before marriage) and now is not willing to make any effort. The husband has contacted the parents of the wife to intervene and look to mediate but they are not responding either. With that in mind, as the wife seems to have given up, what do you advise they husband to do? Despite his wife\’s unreasonable behaviour, he\’s willing to work things out.   Many thanks.