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Isabella Van Tichel asked 10 months ago

Assalamo alykom
I am a Muslimah who converted to Islam 5 years ago. I was also married to a Muslim man for several years. On the day of our marriage, he promised a Mahr of €xxxx. During the time that we were married this has never been given to me. He gave me Talaq by saying three times ‘I divorce you’ about three years ago. He did not give me a written divorce certificate.
I have two questions about my condition.
Was this marriage Islamically valid considering that the Mahr was never given?
And if I want to marry another Muslim man Islamically, will I need a written proof of my divorce to my former husband?
Thank you in advance for your time and efforts to answer my questions.
I wish you a great weekend.
Kindest regards,
Anonymous Muslimah