QuestionsCategory: Beliefs in IslamMarried to a Sufi man
Azrah Haffejee asked 9 months ago

Slms. I identify myself as a Sunni Muslim woman that tries her best to follow the the sunnah. I got married into a family that outwardly appeared to be Sunni Muslim like I am but I soon discovered that they do a few acts that seem to go against the sunnah. Some of these are placing up pictures of Saints on the wall, going to mazaars or shrines of these saints, having gatherings to commemorate them etc. They follow the Sufi Chishti order. My husband claims that he does not practice shirk and they simply look up to these saints but I fear for myself as well as my future progeny. My husband and in laws are also really good to me and thus far I haven’t thought about divorce because of the consequences thereof. I am in deep worry though if this will cause me to go astray.