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haroon hashimi asked 4 years ago

I wanted to know whether my uncle’s daughter is my mahram. He has two wifes. One of my uncle’s wife A (the elder) breastfed me. My uncle’s other wife B (the junior) has a daughter C. Is this daughter (C) from the wife B my mahram?
So my uncle has 2 wifes and their children are each others’ half-siblings. Only one of the wives breastfed me. Are children from both wifes my mahram? The children have one father but different mothers.
An imam at the local mosque told me that since the mothers are different, only the daughters of my uncle’s wife who breastfed me are my mahram, the daughters of the other wife are not my mahram and hence I could marry them. However, I see different answers on the internet.
Another scholar on the internet told me that it depends on the intention of the woman who fed me and whether she intended to make me mahram or not. She said her intention was only to feed me as I was crying and my mother had left me at home while she was gone somewhere else.
So please clarify this issue for me from the hanafi point of view.
Jazak Allah.