QuestionsCategory: Fiqhmobile game for children's as well as adults
ASHAR Ali asked 4 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum
Iam planning to make a mobile game for children’s as well as adults. I want to know that can i go with the development
for this game.Is it halal or haram? Theme for this game is, a boy is traveling to find a treasure.
Actually the treasure in this game is a box which contains some books which will reveal and find at
the end of the game. The game will not contain any type of music but it contains some sounds like footsteps of the boy character,
choping woods, sound of winds, water, animals etc. Before finding the treasure the boy will help others throughout this
game like fishing, solving puzzles,cutting trees, feeding animals etc then they will help the boy to reach to the treasure.
iam very doubtful whether this game haram or not because its contains animated objects of living things like boy, animals and
other human characters etc. And also iam planning to contribute a part to the charity from the revenue generated by this game.