yasmin asked 2 years ago

Salam Aleykum,
My question involves my dad. He has my bankcard, my creditcard, my college loans, and pretty much all my freedom in his possession. He creates debt on my creditcard and then blames me and tells me i need to pay it. He takes all my money and sends it to whatever. Sometimes for good causes, but most of the time. for himself. My father is not poor and has his own monthly income from being ‘ sick’, currently he does not work and has not worked for most of his life actually, he lived and stil also live off my moms salary… He is lazy and sit around the house watching talentshows, while I, his daughter goes to work in healthcare where, because of corona work is hard and this is my hard earned money. I want to know if i have a right in islam to take back my bankcard and tell him I am not a bank, but his daughter. And that if he wants extra money he should get a job and not take mine. I have my own goals in life, one of which is to start my business. I cannot do this when my dad takes every dime that is on my bankaccount. It has been three years. I beg him to give me some money to start my business, he wont do it. Please, if you can offer me some advice I would be so grateful. My next step is to leave the house if this cannot be resolved.  

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ISCC Staff answered 2 years ago

Wa Alykum Assalam,
Yes, you have every right to take back your credit cards. Your dad should not abuse his children in this way. But make sure you remain respectful to your parents. I think by taking away your credit card you may help him to control his expenses. May Allah guide. Thanks