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Muhammad Ali asked 1 year ago

Assalamualaikum. Although I know this question is a bit comprehensive but it is like that so you understand all my thoughts, options etc. Many people must have confusions like this and this will help all of them too In Shaa Allah:

I have some confusion in choosing career as my family want me to pursue architecture. My father has a good business in architecture and he is an architect himself. My family wants me to continue his business. This is not my family’s business, but my father’s. However, I do not find architecture a way to directly spread Islam etc (even if I build mosques, some other architect could probably make the same or better, anyway its design doesn’t really matter, I think) because of which I also lack a bit of interest in it. I have a few options in mind which I would like you to consider (I think I have an ability for all and I can be successful in all In Shaa Allah):

– Jihad in the army as the highest level is of a mujahid, shaheed and ghazi
– A religious scholar (having done a mufti course and/or PhDs in Arabic, Islamiat, Philosophy, Comparitive religion etc. I can also then teach many students and give dawah and knowledge around the world.
– An author after having done the above and/ or also having degrees in writing etc as published books will lead to a lot of Sadqa e Jariah, even after my death.
– A scientist as our Ummah lacks good scientific minds who are religious as well, and connect religion to science and counter arguments of Western atheist scientists (especially evolutionary biologists, theoretical physicists etc) . Also, the Quran can be interpreted better by a scientist as words in Arabic can have lots of meanings. The point of view that all/most scientists are atheists can be countered and science can be told as part of religion etc. Even the scholars that are currently doing this e.g. Zakir Naik are not as advanced in the field of science and make mistakes as well in their arguments, and their arguments are weak and sometimes outdated, wrong etc as well.
– I can make totally Islamic films as an actor, director etc in the film industry to represent Muslims, for knowledge of Muslims etc. But, not depicting any religious personality if that is unlawful.
– I can be a naat khwaan/ muezzin/ qari and train others as well. As I have a good voice Alhamdulillah, and I have even learned a little singing in my times of jahilliya. I could also get a degree in this to make naats, recitations etc.
– An ittar maker + smeller as I have a very good sense of smell, and good perfume is very liked in Islam. But, this is a lower category for me although a degree in this can be obtained as well. And, a business of it can then or generally be done.
– Racecar driver/ sports personality as they earn good money as well (if going for money) and I love the thrill of it and can really do trainings/ exercises. I’m also know swimming and earned some medals in it among other sports.
– Political science/ CSS (CSS is an exam through which good government positions are attained) as through it I can enforce Islamic laws, which are not present in the country to date and allow the country to move in an Islamic direction.


Be an architect. Although my dad only makes around 5 thousand dollars but I think I can expand and do businesses in it. But, doesn’t Allah give rizq, so if I have any other career, I may be able to earn the same amount of money, also by doing business with the career as my family says I have to earn money as a man and I also have to raise up children and give them the best education (which I also want). Also, charity might be in the eyes of Allah a percentage of your wealth and not it’s amount as I heard that a old and poor woman put one coin into the whole pile of collections of money for Jihad, I think, and the Prophet (s) said something like that this coin is heavier on the whole pile of money. Also, I’ve heard poor people are better liked and in Bukhari book 54, hadith 464, Narrated ‘Imran bin Husain: The Prophet (s) said, “I looked at Paradise and found poor people forming the majority of its inhabitants…..”.

Please guide me accordingly even to something or a career that I have not stated. I can get many degrees/ careers or do businesses with any other career (although starting a business requires some money as well). Also, a lot more importantly, deen has not been established in Pakistan and according to Dr. Israr Ahmad unless Khilafat is established, everything is haram and Muslims should focus on this the first, so I can also through a career help this requirement. I know that my hopes are high with everything but I hope to do the absolute best I can. Please tell me which is the best career option and what should I do (also seeing current times)? Keep in mind that my ONLY purpose is Allah’s appreciation and the hereafter and I will be happy on anything that helps me to achieve that. May Allah grant you a high place in Jannah. JazakAllah khair!