QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsMother in law stealing my items asked 2 years ago

Hi,i accidentally left my very expensive ring in the bathroom which I usually do as it’s only me and my husband stays in the house. These days my mother in law is also visiting us and she took the ring. I asked her that had she seen my ring but she said no. Later, I found the ring in her handbag and did not take it out assuming that I’ll take it out the day she leaves the house. Now she has hidden it somewhere else and i cannot find it. While searching her items i found other things that she has put in her bag. I want my ring back as it is very expensive and my mother gave it me about 20 years and I never separated it from myself. What should I do? I don’t want to tell my husband as he wouldn’t trust me and I don’t want to confront her either. Kindly advise what is the Islamic ruling in this situation