Ivan Popović asked 5 months ago

Salam aleikom,
I am here to ask a question about Islam in term of my specific health situation. 
I am new recent revert to Islam. But I have specific question regarding Salah. I am diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and Borderline Personality disorder. Two strong diagnoses which prevent me sometimes from working, normally functioning in everyday life etc… In more detail this means I can’t work and I am registered as person with dissabilities in my country.
My problem is what sometimes I can’t pray. For days or weeks. Not even in combining the prayers or by doing qaza. And I know how important pillar of Islam Salah is. So, my question is, am I in certain periods “forgiven” of not doing them according to the hadith …the pen is lifted… or not? What can I do?
In advance thank you for your privacy and answer.
Ivan Popović