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Ramina Yuldasheva asked 2 years ago

As-salamu alaikum! I’d be very happy and grateful to you if you could help me with making a right decision! My name is Ramina. I’m expecting a baby girl in the beginning of May in shaa Allah! I’d love to give my daughter a Muslim name of Arabic origin. Me and my husband picked up a few names which we found in different Muslim sources online. However we are not sure how reliable these sources are. Sometimes they say that a particular name is Muslim and then it turns to belong to another culture like Hindu and so on. I’m very afraid of giving our daughter inappropriate name and very hopeful you can help me! We’ve chosen the following names: Nailah/Naylah (winner, conqueror) Amal (hope), Laalee/Lali (pearls), Arsala (lioness), Alaya (high status, exalted). Are these names of a truly Arabic origin and is the translation correct? We were also thinking of giving out future daughter the name Alisha. While it sounds like a Sanskrit name our actual intention was to make her name sounding close to her father’s name which is Alisher. The name Alisher is of the Persian origin meaning Lion Ali. Can we give our daughter the name Alisha derived from her father’s name Alisher? Or is it bad that the spelling of the name Alisha is the same as the Sanskrit one although our intention is not to give our daughter a Sanskrit name but to make her name close to her father’s name? I’d be very grateful for your kind help! May Allah bless you with his peace and blessings!