Anam asked 2 years ago

Salam, i am marrying a convert who is not obliged to change his name as his name does not mean anything that’s goes against Islam, however my family has requested he still have a Muslim name  for the family and Muslim community for introductory purposes, also Incase he willingly would like to change his name.  That being said, is he able to have the name Mana/Maana /manha/maanah as a Muslim name? I have seen this name on the links below, but it is referred for both girls and boys depending on spelling.  Please confirm which spelling is acceptable Islamically for a boy and the meaning of it. I hope to hear back from you as soon as possible as this question is very pressing and is the only thing that is keeping my family from informing other family and friends of our upcoming marriage inshallah.  Thank you!