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Rashid asked 5 months ago

16 years ago, I bought a factory for my own money and half a year later, my brother, deceiving me by saying that I could be framed and brought under confiscation, prompted me to divide all the shares between the brothers into equal shares, although none of them had the opportunity at the time of purchase and did not give me a penny, although my father helped me then about 15% of the total amount. After I divided the shares, my relationship with my brother deteriorated and for 15 years he did not allow me to manage the plant I bought and he even did not give me the 20% of the profit that was due to me by law after dividing 20% between brothers. 
He responded to my demands to give my share of income and refused in a rude and obscene form. I have endured this state of affairs for 15 years in the hope that they would come to their senses, and at the beginning of last year I became very ill and still the doctors have not decided on my diagnosis and recommended me an expensive examination and treatment in Germany. Out of desperation, I started a lawsuit with my brothers, and my father took their side, although in fact it was all my brother’s fault, who forced me to divide the shares at one time and to this day, using the support of my father, he alone manages the income of the company I bought at his discretion, and the other brothers chose neutrality, but go on his lead, since my father on his and at the time when I divided between the brothers, my father swore on the holy Koran, in the presence of my uncle and two cousins, that my rights would not be violated, and in subsequently, he renounced his oath. It was bought thanks to my connections and 85% of the money was mine, and the law is on my side, I would like to know the point of view of the Sharia on this issue.