QuestionsCategory: Quran & HadithNeed guidance related to my mother
Sana asked 1 year ago

My mother is alone as my father passed away 12 years ago and uptill now my brother was with her now he is moving to abroad for studies . We are 3 sisters all are married and my mother is around 55 years old she will be alone at home once my brother will move, what Islam says in that case what’s my duty as a daughter? I have asked my husband if he can move to the place where we can live in top floor and my mother on ground as I’m living alone with my husband and my in-laws lives in different city from very first day, and my mother also willing to pay the rent for that place as well she won’t be burden on my husband as she has her on source of income and I earn too. But my husband said yes we can but he has concerned like my mother’s immediate family (brother , mother, sisters and nephew’s) used to visit very frequent and some time they stay at my mother’s home too so he is saying they will distrub my privacy if Ami can understand and stop Thier immediate coming , I told how can I ask her that she will think I’m giving her favour but with boundaries when I was kid she never stopped at her this stage I should bound her why would they disturb you if she will be in separate area on ground floor and we will be on top but he needs that gurnatee that they won’t frequent visit. Then he thought my all sisters are selfish because nobody is going to live with her as my one sister is in join family she looks after her in-laws and second sister’s husband has very different nature but they are willing to move on mother’s place but mother thinks if they will come here then my sister’s husband will do fight with sister and they will spoil her rest too. I’m so confused what should I do , I’m in a big big pain one side I have husband and on other side my mother I cannt leave her alone or I cannt afford that my mother live with maid. Can you please guide me what my religion say in that regard what’s my duty being a daughter and wife I’m feeling so hopeless today. My husband’s says your mother is your brother’s duty and I’m your duty you must listen to me. And if your mother will come with us and guests will keep visiting your mother like she has system at her home then my will come to stay with us too and they can do this because I’m Thier son and they are my duty.
If my brother not thinking that his mother will be alone then being a daughters what face I will show to Allah please help me out I beg you what’s my role what Quran says do you think if my mother says keep visiting me only and just come to stay at night as I’m close to her house then my husband should go with me or its again what he decides i have to follow only.
My pain for my mother is beyond the tolerance when she listens I will be with her she feels happy because I understand and have nature similar to hers when I say I will see because i know I’m bound from my husband she gets upset please help me out or suggest me anything that my brother won’t go and stay with my mother