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Kheir Eddine asked 12 months ago

Salam Alaykom,
My wife who is a newly converted muslim have came across a book called “The Secrets of Devine Love”, this is a book about islam and spirituality. I believe it is based on Sufism, however, we are sunnists and I’m a bit worried about her reading it.
I have told her, but for some reasons she think it’s inappropriate for me to tell her that she shouldn’t read it.
As a sunni, I don’t believe in mysticism and I believe those experiences promoted in suffism and any other meditational experiences are evil.
Not only that, but that book is full of wrong facts that are unacceptable for Sunnists. It says that we are a part of Allah, and sometimes that we are a reflection of him!

It also only focuses on Allah’s love and forget about his wrath (no fear-love balance), etc.
Could you please formulate a message to my wife, telling her what you think.

because to me it’s clear: she should stay away from the book.
Barak allaho fikom