Ifrana asked 3 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum
A few years ago I was forced to get the nikah done in my country (my country does not recognize the Shari’a law, sadly)
My question is: was the marriage valid if:

  1. I was emotionally blackmailed that if I had not agreed on nikah, he would have left me
  2. There was no wali. The signature of wali in the contract is not present, even though the space for the signature is present
  3. The mahr, even if it was mention, was never paid, even in instalments
  4. On top of that, I got to know that one of the witnesses said that I’m not worth that amount of mahr

He gave me divorce, saying talaq, however it is not written anywhere. The imam, who gave us the nikah, does not want to help me or contact me, even though I begged plenty of times for the contact.
Thank You for help.