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Giorgia Oroni asked 2 years ago

I am in love with a Muslim guy and we are talking about marrying in the future, I am catholic. Unfortunately, I lost my virginity a long time ago, I was younger and thought I was gonna marry the person I was with back then. I am wondering, is it possible for us to still marry without me converting? I am very ashamed of having lost my virginity and I wish I could go back in time and change it but I can’t. I pray to God every day to forgive this sin of mine and give me guidance…I am now leading a chaste life trying to make up for my mistake… I am happy with raising our children Muslims and living in a Muslim household. I love Islam, I just do not want to convert only for marriage as I think the reasons behind should be more than only marriage. We love each other very much and we are so respectful and good to each other and encourage each other in following the teachings of our faiths and being in touch with God every day. It would be such a shame for us to part, I don’t know what to do and I am trying to shed some light on some of my doubts… Thank you