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Zanera asked 4 years ago

I did paper marriage like a contract to get visa extension on which I just did a  signature. This was just like an assignment. On the basis of that signature, I get the visa extension. I do not have any relationship with my contract marriage person. Even we are in different states. This was just a plan signature on a paper.
Moreover, the person is not Muslim so the signature was only a paper. Nothing occurs according to Islamic marriage.
Now if i do proper Nikkha with a someone Muslim man. And spend proper Islamic marriage life. 
After Completing my current paper marriage duration. I submit divorce. and register my Nikkha in immigration.
My question is in all this process marriage life (Nikkha) legal?
Because I will do nikkha as per Islamic rules but not register, it will be considered marriage in family etc but not government record.

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