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Tanha asked 1 year ago

Hello i am a 20 year old female. When i was 14 years old i have started to talk to my cousin in Bangladesh through facebook. I met him when i was young but i grew up in united states and he was in bangladesh so we didnt met each other. So when i was 14 i added him on facebook and we started a relationship. One year later we decided to get married through the phone because we knew it was a sin.I havent met him yet but i was still 14 and he was about 18-19 years old. I didnt tell my parents nor did he so then he went to an imam and we got married over the phone but I didnt have any witness by my side because the imam said my boyfriend can have 2 witnesses and the 3rd witness would be Allah himself. I dont know if our nikkah was valid. Because i didnt have any witness nor did i have any older guardian.So then we got married. We didnt meet and continued our relationship throught chatting and calling. Some things happened and a few time in text message he said “talaq talaq talaq” or “talaq 1 talaq2 talaq 3.” But me and him didnt know anything about talaq we didnt know that once talaq happens in islam we cannot get married and he was also angry. Other time he said “talaq talaq talaq” a few times on the phone and i said it too but once. I wanna know if the talaq took place but now we dont think the nikkah was valid so did the talaq even take place? We love each other so much and we have been in long distance for 6 years. We cannot live without each other we didnt even met yet. Please help us find a solution. Thank you