QuestionsCategory: PrayersOn iklas
Ibrahim asked 7 months ago
  1. Please my question is on iklas… ever since I listened to this tafseer on iklas doing good deeds because of Allah…and not doing them because of Allah may lead to regret on the day of judgement Allah will make all of your good deeds fade away. I have been having this problem with my heart “wasi wasi ‘ if I am on stage on doing good deed it will occur in my mind as if am doing it not because of Allah am just doing it because of people.. which sometimes it will lead me to stop doing it.. and this part of me will be scared nd I know am doing it because of Allah..example if am in masjid doing nafla if I engaged my self in a long sujood and they re people around me too that thought will just occur to me….like am doing these sujood just to show off to people which lead me to get up ..I got confused please what is the solution please