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M.I Kurmally asked 1 year ago

Please explain to me whether the following job is lawful to do and to obtain money from it:
There is an online job where we have to register ourself in the company`s website. Then, our task is only to send other people the website`s link and we will get paid. This job will allow us to obtain money also automatically since whatever the affiliates will earn, we will get a percentage of it without the earnings of the affiliates being reduced.
However, the company`s website contains pictures of the opposite genders and might contain inappropriate ads. So, will we be sinful if the affiliates commit sins by looking at these ads and pictures?
Moreover, this job will be free to register for only 7 days and after that, we will have to pay the company a certain fixed amount monthly.
Hence, is this job halal ?
Thank you very much