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Fatima asked 7 months ago

I am an introvert woman who got married 5yrs ago. At first, my husband and I lived with his parents for a year to save up money to purchase a house. That was our biggest mistake as my relationship with his mother and father got ruined within that year since it was a small apartment plus everyone was trying to get used to a new family member and vice versa. Things went downhill fairly quickly and now the relationships are beyond repair.

Fast forward now – I get a panic attack every time I hear that they are visiting us. They live 25 minute drive from us but for some reason love to stay overnight. Dont get me wrong I want them to visit us and have lunch/dinner with us – but for some reason I do not want them to stay overnight and I have mentioned it to them as I need to have my place to myself but they dont get it and my husband is unable to set boundries. He says “if they want to stay – I cant ask them to leave”. I get that! But why cant his parents understand that I am unable to be a courteous polite host after 8-10 hours. Thats my limit. Plus they dont live far from us. Every time this happens – I get a panic attack which make them feel uncomfortable thats when they leave. Why do we have to go through all this? Why cant they simply understand? How do i go about this situation? And mosy importantly – am I a bad muslim? I dont know whats the ruling of Islam on this.