QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsPermissibility of writing a secret romantic letter
Tawsif asked 1 month ago

Assalamualaykum. I am 18 years of age. I believe that I have fallen in love with a girl. I have already told the girl about it and she too has admitted that she has feelings for me. But after telling her about my feelings I have stopped talking to her and have pledged to stay away from her until marriage, and she knows about it too. I have a habit of writing in my diary about this girl, which I intend to show her after we get married in sha allah. Although I sometimes write romantic words, I never write anything sexual or provocative. And the girl I love does not know about it, nor do I intend to show her any of it before we get married in sha Allah. But I am feeling guilty about this habit I have. Is it permissible for me to write in My diary about this girl? Please know that I never mention anything sexual or anything explicitly haram, as far as I know ?