Shah Md. Abubakar Siddique asked 1 year ago

Assalamu Alaikum Shaykh,
Firstly, My PC has a pirated microsoft operating system (Windows 10). The PC is from halal income but the Microsoft operating system installed in the PC is pirated. I took broadband internet from a company which set up the internet on my computer that has the pirated microsoft operating system(Windows 10). Later, I bought a wifi router and spread that internet from the computer to the entire home.
Now if I use the wifi in my mobile, will it be haram?
I am paying for the internet monthly from my halal income.
But I think that the internet company set up the broadband in the PC first. And without the Operating system (Windows 10) of the PC, they cannot set up that. So are there elements of haram in the wifi too, even if I use it from mobile?
What is the ruling regarding this?
Secondly, I use the same PC for studying and working. Is my income halal and is the knowledge I gain from studying halal or can I use it to get future jobs? (I study both academic and Islamic books e.g. Quran, Hadith)