Hasan asked 2 months ago

Salam Aleykum,could you please answer me a question about the Prayer while you travel?So my question is only regarding the Shafi madhab.I read in a shafi book \\\”The two travel dispensations of shortening theprayer and joining the prayers have no effect on each other, one maytake both together, either, or none. It is superior in our school notto take dispensations that are permissible\\\”.Can i interpret this paragraph in the way, that it is better for menot to shorten the Prayer to 2 Rakaats when i am travelling? I knowthat other madhabs say the opposite, so i am only concerned about thecase in the Shafi madhab. Is it recommended not to shorten your prayerwhen travelling?My second question, is it a condition for shortening the prayer, thatyou have a difficulty? Meaning when i visit a friend who lives faraway, and we are just chilling, is it permissible to shorten theprayer, or do i need to have another difficulty? Regarding the ShafiMadhab.Thank you.