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Uzair asked 2 months ago

I love a girl and proposed her for marriage. Both of our families have agreed to it and within a year we’ll be married insha Allah. We already take lot of care of each other and alhamdulillah have a very good relationship. However everytime we meet I have strong sexual urges and I just cannot control it. Because of which we had an intercourse many a times. I have complete intention of marrying her and my niyat towards her has always been clean. Request answer my following questions
1. I agree it’s impermissible to have premarital sex, but what other choice do I have?
2. I don’t want to indulge in any other sort of other means for satisfying my sexual urges as I love my fiancee very much.
3. Given the circumstances is it permissible for me masturbate so as to not get involved in anything against Shari’ah?
4. This is the thing that worries me a lot. The girl hates physical touch coz of some of her past. What if she continues to be the same after marriage. How do I get over the sexual urges without her even if we’re married.
Jazakallah hu khair