QuestionsCategory: Prayers  Prophet Muhammad Manner of Performing Prayers is Sunnat not Farz. We pray as Imams Shafi, Abu Hanifa, Hanbal or Malik.
Mohammad Yusuf asked 2 years ago

I’m following Shafi Madhab in Singapore. My Friend has all the hadith & told me, We should perform prayers as Prophet Muhammad Manner. If we follow against Messenger of Allah, It will be a Blind Following at the 4 Imams & Allah will punish in Hellfire for disobeying. So I ask my Usthad regarding this problem, He said that We prayers to thank Allah in what he has given us & Allah didn’t mention at the Quran about Manner to perform prayers, So Prophet Muhammad Manner of Performing Prayers is just a Sunnat not Farz. We should pray as Imam Shafi also ask me some questions that If following madhab is wrong Shouldn’t the 4 imams be thrown in hell For praying wrongly? If they are great scholars, Following them is haram Then shouldn’t they go to hell?
Explain me briefly & He sent me some text regarding The 4 Imams on Blind Following at below:
⚫Narrated by Al-Bukhari that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, had said, “Perform your prayers in the same manner you had seen me doing.”
⚫Imam Shafi: “It is obligatory to accept a report once it is proven, even if the Imams did not act upon this report.” [al-Risaalah p. 463]
⚫Imam Shafi: “The Muslims are unanimously agreed that if a sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saws) is made clear to someone, it is not permitted for him to leave it for the saying of anyone else.” [I’laam , 2/361]
⚫Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen: “A person who only sticks to one Imam no matter what and ignores everything else has taken this Imam as a Messenger.” [Sharh-ul-Usul, p.599]