QuestionsCategory: FiqhPunishment for not praying
Cansu asked 1 year ago

Is it true that Muslims who do not pray or deliberately miss the time of prayer are killed? According to 3 major sects, if you do not pray for 5 times or delay, you are killed. I think the only sect that claims otherwise is the Hanafi sect, and according to the Hanafi sect, those who do not pray are locked up and beaten in prison. I heard these things but it is hard to believe them, if these things are true, can you please explain?
We get angry when non-Muslims call Islam a religion of violence and we claim that islam is a religion of peace. I, as a Muslim, must admit that if the question I’m asking is true, then Islam is really an intolerant religion not peaceful.
Please clarify this issue, because of this I feel like my iman becomes weak day by day.